Tips From the Pros: 4 Simple Piriformis Stretches

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Calling all people who work at a desk all day or engage in intense physical activity! Are your hips tight? Did you know that both physical and emotional stresses can result in hip and low back tightness? One of the body’s hip rotators, the piriformis muscle, can be notoriously tight in a lot of people based on their day-to-day activities or lack thereof. A tight piriformis can result in dysfunctional movement patterns and can also lead to back pain or other ailments. Alternatively, a healthy piriformis can alleviate symptoms both up and down the kinetic chain (i.e. improving knee and ankle pain). 

That being said, your goals are our goals. That’s why at Pro Recovery Zone we help you to recover like a pro, regardless of whether you’re training for a championship or just wanting a better quality of life. The clip below demonstrates four different ways to stretch your piriformis at home.

Each stretch should be brought to a tolerable intensity, not pain, as forcing a painful stretch can lead to injury. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds at a time, and remember to take deep, relaxing breaths throughout the hold. Aim to accumulate two minutes of stretching per side (i.e. four sets of 30 seconds) per leg. As always, you should always consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise routine, including stretching, particularly if you have any physical impairments or injuries. 

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