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Pro Recovery Zone is Arizona’s premier center for treating pain and inflammation. Specializing in cryotherapy, (PMB) red light therapy, and power plate training our programs are designed to aid in weight loss, improve flexibility, increase strength and optimize recovery. 

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  • thumb Vanessa Williams 5 star review  

    Overall great experience! Offers great services for recovery wellness that will fit your active lifestyle!

    thumb Emily Schultz 5 star review  

    I love PRZ. I discovered it via Google and went in to do Red Light Therapy. The owner was working when I came in and he was super nice and gave me a tour. I could tell he was very knowledgable but not pretentious at all. The rest of the staff have been equally as welcoming. I get a sort of Mom and Pop feel here with expertise/care/professionalism. The options for recovery are awesome-you can accomplish a lot in one visit if you wanted to! Various membership options so you can find something that fits your needs/budget. I really feel like a person here-not just a number.

    thumb Sheena Wasp 5 star review  

    Coming to Pro Recovery Zone (PRZ) for almost a full year now I have discovered a part of myself that has been required much needed attention. Taking care of your health is a priority & should be invested, this place is truly authentic. The warmth and care you receive is one of a kind which makes PRZ stand out among all other competitors. The owners Gabe Martin and Jude Adjei-Barimah are just like "brothers" to each other setting the example to their staff to always show kindness and respect to each individual who comes in, while giving the feel of a "family" atmosphere with class and professionalism.

  • thumb Mighty 2 5 star review  

    Loved Pro Zone. Outstanding leadership and great programs. Excellent service. Best in class. Can't wait to come back!!!

    thumb Sheena Wasp 5 star review  

    I have been coming to PRZ since April 2021 and each time targets immediate recovery to my sore muscles, even more so since I am currently working out which has led to weight loss results . Thank you again for being the key attribute to improving my health! I am exceedingly grateful to your lasting contribution.

    thumb Marissa Hamera 5 star review  

    LOVE Pro Recovery Zone and the fact that it's in my neighborhood. As a fitness professional myself, I needed to take the time to recover and came in for red light. Left with a pack of sessions because not only was the red light machine effective, but the space is so inviting and the staff makes you feel right at home. They really care about you and your body which is what I appreciated the most. Highly recommend!

  • thumb Ashley Bruce 5 star review  

    Amazing time here! The red light bed is phenomenal and so healing. Nicole was so knowledgeable and kind. Go check it out!

    thumb Tracee Houston 5 star review  

    Pro Recovery Zone offers an amazing experience. I was highly impressed by the awesome customer service and the knowledge of the staff. They were able to assess my issues and suggest helpful services. I had a great compression therapy and stretch session…will definitely be back!

    thumb Patrick Driscoll 5 star review  

    I have begun working out recently as I'm trying to get back into shape. This has led to weight loss but also sore muscles. I heard about Pro Recover Zone and decided to give them a try. I'm happy that I did! Nichole was very professional and knowledgeable and explained the different therapies available there. I had signed up for the compression therapy and Nichole made sure it was an awesome experience and I will definitely come back. She suggested the $99 day pass which gives you access to all their therapies and I believe I will give that a try next time. Thanks, Nichole!

  • thumb Sheena Wasp 5 star review  

    A continual recommendation! Within minutes after receiving Compression & Stretch I felt the instant comeback of mobility then to finish replenishing with Red Light Therapy. To wake up today with absolutely NO PAIN has me completely elated! This place is beyond compare! It gives you "personal" vitality to your body as daily life activities may wear you down.  The quality time, care, & education the owners and staff gives to each individual every time you come in is truly something special.

    thumb kelsey carr 5 star review  

    Just so happen to stumble upon this wonderful place yesterday and decided to venture in. BEST decision I’ve made! The staff there are all absolutely phenomenal. I have been struggling with pain for almost a full year now with several trips to specialists…..after 1 hour with Nicole today, I am feeling better than I have in weeks. HIGHLY recommend this place. The owners and staff there are one of a kind!!

    thumb Sheena Wasp 5 star review  

    Well, another gem discovered in adjacent to all the required services I have the honor to be experiencing.. I feel 1000% better after receiving the "Immune Boost" IV Therapy yesterday 7/1/21. As a person who has an chronic autoimmune condition, this means everything to have a "natural" boost of energy & focus without any side effects. The initial process of the IV application is not always simple however I had a kind subliminal reminder to overcome my fear in order to reap the rewards..and I must say I truly have! Thank you so much PRZ & to nurse Emily! Once again your services prove to be very essential to my health and wellness.

  • thumb Jessica Suerth 5 star review  

    I can't speak highly enough about Pro Recovery Zone. It's such a helpful service, even if you're not a pro athlete like me. Anyone can use all of the services and the employees at Pro Recovery Zone are so kind and explain all the services and how they can help your body. Definitely stop in ASAP!

    thumb Naomi Rose 5 star review  

    This is the perfect place to come for all your recovery needs! No matter who you get they make sure you feel welcome & give you the best possible recommendations to help you after a long day/workout. My personal favorite is the cryotherapy- it helps my muscles exponentially after a heavy day of lifting. You also get a discount as a lifetime member! 🙂

    thumb Bre Moore 5 star review  

    The staff is amazing and very friendly. The environment is very positive and welcoming as well there is a very good energy that flows through the building. I am happy that I was able to come in and visit with them to get better each visit. They are very professional and care a lot about your recovery and make sure you walk out feeling better each visit. I definitely recommend them.


How Our Phoenix Wellness Center Works


Body Consultation

We start by measuring your fat, muscle, and total body water with a baseline body composition analyzer.


Pro Stretch Therapy

Lengthen and loosen your muscle tissue using innovative stretch techniques in combination with percussion tools.



Reduce inflammation in acute and whole-body treatment by chilling the body with temperatures as cold as -200° F.


Compression Therapy

Massage limbs, mobilize fluid, and improve circulation with our dynamic compression that utilizes compressed air.


Red Light Therapy

Supercharge your cells with the natural light they need to create more energy.


Body Contouring

Body contouring can also be described as non-surgical fat reduction. There are a variety of non-invasive procedures which reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body.


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Meet the Founders

Pro Recovery Zone was founded by former Arizona Cardinals linebacker Gabe Martin and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimah. Understanding the ins and outs of pro athlete therapy services gives Pro Recovery Zone a unique advantage over other competitors and pegs Pro Recovery Zone as Phoenix’s newest full-body cryotherapy and restoration lounge.

Now located at 2150 E Highland Ave Phoenix AZ 85016 inside the Biltmore Fashion Park.

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