How Red Light Affects Sleep

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What is Red Light Therapy and how does it work?

Let’s take a second to recap what we already know about Red Light Therapy. Also known as photobiomodulation, Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment exposing the body to a combination of natural and infrared lights for cellular absorption. During a session of Red Light Therapy at Pro Recovery Zone, clients have the ability to stretch or decompress however they see fit as our setup allows for clients to use the panels how they would like which includes lying down, sitting, or standing. To learn more about Red Light Therapy and the purpose of our study, check out our last blog HERE.

How did Red Light Therapy affect our participants’ sleep? 

Now that you have a better understanding of Red Light Therapy, we want to showcase a few individuals from our recent case study that immediately saw the benefits as it relates to sleep. The current theory is that Red Light Therapy increases the production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps you sleep, within the body. There are many small-scale studies that have shown results that help support this theory of improved sleep related to the use of Red Light Therapy. Below we have some questions we asked following our six-week case study along with the responses from three of our participants which highlight their experiences with Red Light Therapy and the immediate benefits they saw during the course of our study.

What do you enjoy about Red Light Therapy?

“I enjoyed the warmth from the light and how it helped me sleep.” – Elle Faulkner

“I liked knowing I would have 15 guaranteed minutes to just sit and be.” – Brittny King

“Red light assisted in my ability to refocus my energy and bring me to a less anxious state of mind.” – Melanie Parker

What benefits from Red Light Therapy stood out most?

“Definitely the most recognizable benefits would be better sleep.’ – Elle Faulkner

“The #1 benefit I noticed was a difference in my sleep. I was able to get deeper sleep without waking up as much as opposed to on the days I didn’t do red light.” – Brittny King

“The benefits that stood out the most were improvements in my sleeping patterns and my ability to cope with work stress.” – Melanie Parker

When you use Red Light Therapy do you notice a difference in your quality of sleep?

“Yes, I would hit the pillow and wake up the next morning like ‘wow did I even move?’” – Elle Faulkner

“Yes, I definitely noticed a difference in my sleep! Especially when I did the red light in the mornings. I noticed that I was move alert and my overall performance shifted when I was well-rested.” – Brittny King

“Since living alone, I’ve never been able to sleep continuously through the night. I often wake up at minimum 2-3 times per night. During my involvement in the sleep study I noticed that I was less restless and also able to sleep uninterrupted without breaking my sleep cycle.” – Melanie Parker

How can you book your Red Light Therapy appointment at Pro Recovery Zone?

Our goal here at Pro Recovery Zone is to complete the wellness cycle and reinforce living a healthy lifestyle while bringing elite restoration methods to those who wish to recover with a purpose. We hope you find this knowledge beneficial in finding the best recovery plan for yourself. Like anything, Red Light Therapy takes time for the body to truly experience the benefits and we encourage you to set aside time to allow yourself to recover. If you’re interested in Red Light Therapy or any other services we offer, call or book an appointment online today.


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