How Can Red Light Therapy Work For Me?

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At Pro Recovery Zone our goal is to continue to provide elite-level recovery for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. We know that each person recovers differently and therefore every person’s experiences are different but through our Pro Stretch Therapy, Compression Therapy Cryotherapy, and today’s focus Red Light Therapy we aim to give our clients all the resources needed to meet both their fitness and recovery goals. Our hope is to provide educational tools for our clients to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to their recovery choices. Over the next few posts, we will be focusing on some of the individuals that participated in our Red Light Therapy Case Study and highlighting their experiences with our red light therapy room. After taking some time and collecting data from a group of clients that utilize red light therapy on a weekly, monthly, and even daily basis; we have four main areas we want to highlight: including stress levels, sleep quality, delayed onset muscle soreness, and changes in libido.

What exactly is Red Light Therapy?

Also known as, photobiomodulation, Red Light Therapy is non-invasive treatment exposing the body to a combination of natural and infrared lights for cellular absorption.

How does my body absorb Red Light Therapy?

As we get older the mitochondria in our cells gets weaker and the use of red light therapy is a natural way to strengthen our cells. By penetrating deep into the skin the mitochondria in the skin cells directly absorbs this light. Adenosine triphosphate production is a direct result of this absorption providing an energy source for all cells. This extra energy allows the cells to be able to respond better to any bodily damage and fix itself.

How does a Red Light Therapy Session at Pro Recovery Zone Work?

Pro Recovery Zone Red Light Therapy is all about the client experience. Our set up allows for clients to use the panels how they would like and that includes lying down, sitting or standing. While in the red light therapy room clients have the ability to stretch or decompress however they see fit but it is definitely a client session that is truly for the client.

Finally, what did we learn from our Red Light Therapy Case Study?

Before diving into each individuals Red Light Therapy experience during the case study, we want to give you an overview of what we found. Clients who used red light therapy three or more times during the week throughout the study seemed to achieve more apparent results in multiple areas. Our specific findings were as follows:

  • When asked to rate their stress level on a scale of 1 to 10, majority of our participants reported that they had a stress level of 5 or higher when they did not participate in red light therapy the day prior.
  • Majority of our participants reported getting 6 hours of sleep or more the same night they participated in red light therapy.
  • More of our participants saw an increase in libido when they participated in red light therapy the day prior.

How can you book your appointment at Pro Recovery Zone?

As the world of recovery continues to evolve, we hope this introduction to red light therapy is beneficial in finding the best recovery plan for yourself. Like anything, red light therapy takes time for the body to truly experience the benefits. We recommend clients use red light therapy in 15-minute sessions, at minimum, three to five times weekly to start. As time goes on, your body does not need as much exposure to respond optimally inherently leading to the need for fewer sessions on more of a maintenance program. Red light therapy is natural so there are no known side effects. If you’re interested in red light therapy or any other services we offer call or book an appointment online today.


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